• Step 1. Enquiry

    Enquire online or speak to our friendly team and we will provide you with the latest designs, inclusions and basic pricing. Together we will evaluate your needs and budget to find the best solution to suit you. We also welcome you to our sales office to view our display cabin.

  • Step 2. Site Inspection & Client Needs

    Once we identify the site location, your preferred design, and a budget you are comfortable with our team will complete some research on your site. This will help us understand how the modular building will fit and comply with council regulations on your property.

  • Step 3. Estimate

    Once the research has been completed, we can then provide you with an informed and accurate pricing estimate based on size and location of site. This is when we require a preliminary deposit to cover the design and structural and engineering plans so documentation can be lodged with a certifier.

  • Step 4. Quote & Deposit

    We invite you to meet our team in the office to make any necessary changes to the plans before they are finalised. We also discuss the variations, colour options and product selection for your granny flat or cabin and any other additional options so we can provide you with a formal quote. The balance of your deposit is then required to proceed to the next stage.

  • Step 5. Signing Documents

    Now that all of your plans and variations have been chosen, our team will take you through the sighting and signing of the purchase agreement and final specification document.

  • Step 6. Manufacturing Phase Begins

    Upon your approval and subject to production we begin the manufacturing of your granny flat or cabin, which will progress through an 8 – 10 week time frame within our factory. A number of regular updates will be provided as well as photos of the process.

  • Step 7. Completion of Manufactured Home

    Once your granny flat or cabin has been finished in our factory a pre-transport inspection is completed by you. Upon satisfactory inspection, transport can be booked for delivery to your site (if required).

  • Step 8. Enjoy your new granny flat

    With your granny flat complete you can now enjoy your new home!

*Hayden Property Group do not provide any installation services or building work within the meaning of the Queensland Building and Construction Commission Act*

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